About the artist
I bring many artistic experiences to working with gourds including 32 years teaching art in New Jersey.  While living back east at the seashore, I concentrated on watercolors, acrylics and woodcarving as my main outlets for my talent.  

After retiring 12 years ago and moving to Arizona, I was struck by the beautiful gourds I saw in many shops around town.  Combining my years of painting experiences along with my woodcarving techniques, I began carving gourds. I quickly found out that gourds had the texture and shape needed to use many different skills I had picked up over the years. With each new gourd I begin, I'm always eager to try some new idea or technique. This makes for an exciting day!

I grew up on the edge of a small town in central Ohio so wildlife and vegetation were an ongoing part of my childhood. Observing these  contributed to my focus on them today. Each gourd itself is a unique creation combining my love of wildlife with my artistic talents.

I have thought many times of doing other art forms but the lure of unadorned gourds awaiting my talents and skills, is unceasing. There is something about gourds that just draws me to them to be decorated. 
Native American clay pottery carving
Deep into carving the red-tailed hawk
Early Stages of carving the owl
Changing burs for more detail
My "posed" picture!
Unless otherwise noted, all images and designs are the property of Phyllis Sickles and may not be used without permission.