Sculpting and Carving an Owl
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At this point, the carving is finished and the work has been sanded.  Many times the texture is done with the Turbo Carver but on this gourd, I thought I would wood burn the details. All of my painting is done with acrylics. I always start with the background and finish with the main subject.
How's it looking?
Front of the gourd.
I usually texture the background first.
I begin by texturing the leaves first.  I usually burn hot for more texture.
Texture is added to the mice.
Adding texture to the rocks.  I used a tip used for woodburning your name.
Back of the gourd.
As I was woodburning, I noticed an area that needed to be removed.
Everyone needs a helper!
I find myself painting on my lap a lot just because it is more comfortable.
I try to add to the depth of the design not only with carving but also through shading.
Finishing - The gourd can be with staining or painting depending on the look that seems to be the best for the design.
The finished gourd!
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